Friday, June 15, 2012

Ravelry Pattern Shop

We are excited! Why, you ask? Well, because we have a Ravelry pattern shop!

Over the last year, Alisa & Sarah have been working on designs for various Firefly Fibers shop samples and classes - until this week, our designs were only available in print format or in classes. Some of our customers prefer a PDF format and we have interest in our designs outside of our local area, so expanding our offering to Ravelry is pretty exciting for us and we hope it is for you, as well! 

We currently have 10 designs available as PDF downloads in our Firefly Fibers Designs shop on Ravelry and we have both print and PDF versions available in the store.

Some of you may have purchased a pattern or taken a class using one of these designs, now's your chance to add your projects to Ravelry - we are excited to see your beautiful creations added to the Ravelry library.

Less than 24 hours after adding our patterns, our Capitol Square Market Bag steadily climbed up the Ravelry "Hot Right Now". It was fabulous to see it climb above Hitchhiker - which is a very lovely pattern and our shop sample in Crazy Zauberball is gorgeous so you really should see it and knit one for yourself... 

This is what we saw on the afternoon of June 14th and it was very unexpected:
The red arrow, that's us! Firefly Fibers in the top 20, #11 to be exact!

This was an awesome beginning to our Ravelry pattern launch and much more exciting than we could have imagined! Sadly, our fame was short-lived with Capitol Square slowing moving out of the top 20 later in the day, but we sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

We're always clicking away and have more designs on the needles, be sure to keep an eye on us! 

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Happy Knitting!

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