Thursday, June 2, 2011

A year, already?!

It's hard to believe that one whole year has passed since we opened Firefly Fibers (technically it was 1 year on May 29th, but close enough, right?). The last year feels like a quick blink of an eye, but when I slow down to think about all that's happened, it's hard to believe that it really has only been one year.

I am a knitter (you probably already knew this or at least you should) and I love yarn and all things fiber related (probably knew this too). Many knitters dream of owning a shop full of beautiful yarn, this was my dream, too. From the time I was very little my folks had a locksmith shop and this inspired me to want to have my own business. They encouraged me to take this chance and after firsthand experience and a lot of hard work with little time off, I still love them both. :)

Now that I am an adult, not only do I have my parents encouragement, but I am also lucky enough to have a wonderful husband that helped make this dream come true. Mike has been so supportive since I mentioned this would be something I wanted to do. He deserves the credit for encouraging me to take the last HUGE step to actually make my dream a reality. Without him, this would not have happened, so a big thank you to Mike!

Of course I love yarn and knitting, but the people I have met over the last year are the reason I wanted to open a shop. I meet amazing people on a regular basis, I get to share my passion and I learn something new each and every day. My customers are the best!
Many of you have been with us from the very beginning and have seen the shop fill up with our beautiful yarns. I appreciate you sharing with me how the shop has changed over the last year, the transition has been so gradual for me that I barely notice until you help me take a step back. Some of our customers are just discovering us and I love the excitement of the fiber enthusiasts as they explore our shop! I thank each of you for welcoming Firefly Fibers into your lives and the community!

Speaking of, our first customer made us a little something special for our 1 year anniversary, thank you Amy!
A big thank you also goes to my wonderful instructor, Sarah Chy! She teaches the majority of the classes at the shop and knits many of the shop samples. She is a great instructor, gives great input on yarn and project selections, and has been very helpful in the balancing of my work and personal lives. I may actually have a personal life soon, can you believe it?

Thank you to all of my customers, instructor, friends, family, designers, and everyone else that has been along for this wild ride. I look forward to getting to know each of you better in the years to come at Firefly Fibers!

This is my dream come true, thank you!

Happy stitching! Alisa

P.S. I finally admitted today that we need more shelves :)

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