Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is in the air

Can you feel it?  That slight chill that indicates it's time for all things knitted?  I want to curl up under an afghan with a cup of tea and knit the day away.  Unfortunately, I have a list a mile long of things to do, but a girl can dream.

I have been able to get some knitting time in, most of it in the wee hours of the night.  My projects selections as of late are very enjoyable so I am frequently up late because I just can't put my needles down. Here are a couple projects that have made it from UFO to FO status: 

One of my customers inspired me the day we opened our doors to make the Pashmina Cowl from Last Minute Knitted Gifts in Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight.  I cast on at the end of July as my "non-thinking" project and was weaving my ends in just a couple weeks ago.  I love this pattern and the warmth and softness of the yarn is spectacular!

I've also been wanting to knit up Braided by Susan B. Anderson for months now and finally found time!  Now I wonder what I was waiting for because it was such a quick and easy knit; it took about 4 evenings to complete.  The project is free on the Spud & Chloe website and uses 3 skeins of Outer.  The yarn is great to work with and the scarf is so soft and squishy!

The final project is one of the Firefly Fibers 4th Quarter Knitalongs!  I had the pleasure of meeting designer Laura Nelkin at TNNA in June and immediately fell in love with her beaded knitting designs.  I selected her recent project Eventide for the shop.  The project uses Audrey by Schaefer Yarn, a silk/merino blend, and incorporates the use of beads and a "cross-stitch" pattern to create this lovely scarf.  This is the current shop sample in progress.  I am just about done with the first half and can't wait to start on the second half so I can use some beads again!

We have Fall yarns arriving at the shop and it is so much fun to see the selections in person!  So many of my customers have been very helpful with fiber and color suggestions, I really appreciate their input.  Now, I just need to find more time to get the yarn on the shelves and to knit up sample projects :)

We are spending time with family today and traveling by car so this means knitting time for me!  Yay!  Let's see how long we can visit so the "to do" list can be put on hold.



  1. Is the pashmina cowl what you were wearing at Amber's the other night? If so, it looked fantastic! I assumed it was purchased because it was so fluid. -Susan

  2. Yes! It is the one I was wearing at Amber's. I have had the book since it came out and loved the pattern, but never knew what to make it out of.

    I am so grateful that my customers share with me because I can see this project being one that I will make many more of now :)