Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's in my project bag?

A more appropriate question may be "What ISN'T in my project bag?"  

After feeling like Mary Poppins at our open knitting session last night, I think it's only appropriate to share on a broader spectrum what I am working on.  As I pulled the items out of my bag today for the photography line-up, it began to occur to me that I have a lot of work to do (and maybe a problem, but I quickly went back into denial). 

Please feel free to laugh at the mess I have gotten myself into, after all, I have had a good chuckle and you should too.  And with that, here we go... 

The first project is Coquille from the current issue of Knitty.  The project is knit in Crystal Palace's Mini Mochi and I am using the Violets Rainbow colorway. 
I love the yarn and pattern!  I'm over halfway done and so excited for this to be on display at our store, Firefly Fibers!
Next up is... The Clapotis!  This is another Knitty pattern and the current Knit Along for our store.  I am using Malabrigo Sock in Solis and modified the pattern slightly to make a thin lightweight scarf.  Lots of fun!
Citron is another project in my bag (I know, this is getting sad) and another Knitty pattern.  Oddly enough, I passed on creativity this time (not sure there was any left) and am using the same yarn and colorway in the pattern, Malabrigo Lace in Lettuce.  The pattern is great and the yarn is spectacular!
This next one is a "do-over" because I thought I knew better than the pattern (I bet you've never thought you knew better than the instructions on something new).  This is the Pashmina Cowl from Last Minute Knitted Gifts knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight.  I am using the color Denim and, again, I love the yarn and the pattern couldn't be easier!
The final work in progress is a simple cowl that I made up on the fly. This is knit with Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the color Deja Vu.
Last, but not least, are the 3 wound balls from the bottom of the bag for projects that haven't been started yet. I am pretty confident that 2 are for crochet projects and I have a couple possibilities for the 3rd.  I will share more when progress is made, hopefully that is after some of the above items go from U.F.O. status to F.O.
So, I am either a fairly optimistic lady or a totally insane yarn addict.  I prefer to think I am the former rather than the latter.  I do have a few more projects started and yarn for new projects stashed in various places at the store and home, but we will pretend for now they don't exist because this really is enough reality for one day.



  1. Looks like you have your hands full, literally. I don't believe you can be a true knitter unless you get caught up in the "starting projects" madness.

    Beautiful work, can't wait to see them completed.

  2. I don't see anything wrong with starting a gazillion projects! I just started my leg warmers last night! Sooooo addicting. I also have had a dress on the needles for about 2 years, as well as 2 scarfs (also on the needles about two years!!! haha), my silk/cotton sweater needs the ends woven in, I need to finish up the crocheted trivet, I'm about a 1/3 of the way done with my Central Park Hoodie, not quite half done with my Clapotis, and then my leg warmers...there is probably more that I've forgotten about! haha! See we are all crazy together. :)

  3. I said "scarfs"...oh man, maybe I need a little more sleep. Pretend I said "scarves"

  4. Thanks ladies! I know it could be worse. I finished one project and and started 3 more small ones over the weekend. They were already queued up, just had to officially make it into the bag :)